awakening ourselves first

to our spiritual divinity

remember who you are


Psychics and mediums run in my family all the way back five generations to the ‘Old Country’.

Drawn to the unseen and metaphysical as a young child I had studied many of the Eastern esoteric methods, philosophies, and practices starting in 1964. This included devouring books in my parent’s library on supernatural subjects including the Association of Research and Enlightenment, Inc. Edgar Cayce material. After graduating from Colorado State University I moved to Silicon Valley just south of San Francisco, California. Here I designed printed circuit boards and drafted the logic for the boards. The designs included boards for the B-52 Bomber Flight Simulator for the U.S. Airforce. Next I moved to Los Angeles where I continued my career in technology. Soon I became deeply involved in the mystical and metaphysical areas of learning and practice. With my knowledge and testing of the Edgar Cayce readings I felt honored to be voted in as President of the Edgar Cayce Study Group Council for the Los Angeles Region. Here 16 Study Groups reported to my Council Members and me. We supported and helped educate study group members via semi-annual and annual Health Fairs which were based on the Edgar Cayce health readings. We grew the number of Study Groups from 16 to a solid 20, a year later.

I meditate almost regularly and have a library of books built around the western and eastern spiritual philosophies and practices including dozens of astrology, numerology, and tarot reference books. I investigate, explore, and test areas that I disagree with to make sure I know why I disagree with that paranormal area of activity. This approach has helped inform me and brought me into agreement with things I thought were absolute nonsense.


As Founder I feel compelled to serve in the awakening of mankind. An important part of the awakening is that it is, really, all about us. About our human consciousness. About the creative expression our consciousness takes in the form of paranormal-supernatural abilities that are far more normal and natural than we have been led to believe in our Western culture. It is interesting to note that outside of North American the paranormal-supernatural is a normal and natural part of life and is easily embraced by people.

I am also passionate about having each one of us develop our innate intuition-psychic abilities. This ability is our second brain, our sixth sense, and is as vital as our eyesight sense, our hearing sense, and of the other senses. Would we be taught in school and within our society to ignore and not develop our eyesight or hearing and our other abilities? Then why accept that our sixth sense is not worthy of attention and should be scorned and ridiculed? Who told us this from infancy and then consistently throughout our lifetime? To be fair, should we also scorn and ridicule our eyesight sense or some other chosen sense? Of course not.

Next, my passion is about awakening ourselves first to our spiritual divinity as Edgar Cayce gently and persistently urged us. To remember this divinity and what we are. With a little work, through a life time or two, we can remember this and live it. Author, Speaker, Educator, Mr. Dannion Brinkley and near death experiencer was reminded during his death, repeatedly, that we are ‘powerful spiritual beings’ of light and love and wisdom. So I have to ask, ‘who benefits from our amnesia of our spiritual heritage?’ The answer is part of our awakening.