Aug. 18 1:00pm | Balance the Empath in You: Redirecting Your Sensitive Self For Wholeness Workshop

If you have been called “too sensitive” or have felt too sensitive yourself, this seminar will help you appreciate your empathic gifts. This hands-on seminar will help you learn ways to energetically protect yourself from negative influences, which trigger your empathic gifts. This workshop will help you to focus this sensitivity towards your own Inner Integration, to balance your Spiritual and Physical Self.

While each of us is unique, do you relate to some of these qualities:

  • Do you empathize with others and want to ease their suffering?
    Are you an emotional “sponge” or are your nerves easily “frayed”?
    Are you highly sensitive to noises, smells, or crowds?
    Do you have chronic physical pain or symptoms that are hard to diagnose?
    Do you feel recharged/refreshed by having time alone and/or in nature?

Cultivate Your Empathic Gifts–

  • Learn to feel auras.
    Discover how to strengthen your auric sphere for psychic ‘protection’ as well as conscious expansion.
    Develop strategies to take care of yourself and prevent energy drain.
    Learn ways to use your empathic Strengths to help others by using your intuition in communication, counseling, or psychotherapy.

Seminar from 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Greenwood Village City Hall
6060 S Quebec St
Englewood, CO 80111
…go west, just off I-25 onto Orchard Road

Tuition Early Bird discount: Paid before Fri. July 19th – $20.
Tuition: after Sat. July 20 – $25 at the door.
To reserve your space please get your discounted tuition by clicking on the link– Too Empathic Tuition tickets

Or, just send check to Robert Blond, 1363 South County Hwy. 67, Sedalia, CO 80135.

Seminar Leader, Robert Blond

Robert Blond is a psychotherapist and psychic. In addition Mr. Blond is a Master Teacher in Self-Awareness, Mysticism and Metaphysical. Since 1979, Mr. Blond has delivered over 14,000 Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings. He has conducted Edgar Cayce style Past Life Crossings, and, Past Life Flow Readings since 1977. These readings have dramatically and positively changed and improved people’s lives by giving them insights as to their ‘karmic’ patterns and their belief systems that ‘get in the way’ of ‘seeing’ their deeper vision in life. See his website at: Robert Blond

Call/text with any questions JJ 720-203-6354. See you then!