Jul. 14 1:30pm | Into Darkness with a Shaman

When: Sunday, July 14, 2019 – 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Donation: $12.00 /per person. For tickets click HERE.

We are surrounded by other dimensional worlds. Come with us and step in to a Shamans world. Enter the darkness with us and discover how a shaman heals. Experience how a shaman conducts a paranormal investigation when they enter a house seeking to banish a dark energy, dark portal, or dark entity [demon]. Here Ms. RavenStar will describe what and how she senses all the energies in a house or the land of a property…much as Amy Allan does during her Dead Files forays. Learn of the process RavenStar uses to rid a home of dark energies. A couple of RavenStars’ past clients will be in attendance telling you of the dark energy in their house, on their land, and what RavenStar did to heal their land.

Open to the Public. Sponsored by Paranormal Talks.
Location: Greenwood Village City Hall community room.
6060 S. Quebec Street
Englewood, Colorado 80111
…just off I-25 and Orchard Road

Then, after the meeting coffee break, RavenStar will explain and show you how she is able to look into your body and tell you everything that is occurring in your body; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And finally RavenStar will show you the modalities she uses to help you with what she see’s, whether it’s source is from past lives, or entities, or life issues past trauma. See RavenStars Website at– www.melissaravenstar.com

Speaker, RavenStar, Evidential Psychic-Medium

RavenStar, like many highly gifted psychic-mediums, saw spirits as a young child. A born medium, RavenStar experienced great fear of being attacked by unwholesome entities, and, did not understand her gift. This caused her much depression and invoked suicidal feelings. Then in her 20’s, RavenStar found her first mentor. Today she feels called to fight for and help others. RavenStar is a shaman, something our American society has lost and still needs. RavenStar is able to ‘see’ many things about others on every level. She’s found everything is fixable, even when others feel all is lost.

After the meeting: gather at MadGreens Restaurant for more chat. Corner of Arapaho Rd. & Quebec St., Englewood, CO
Feel free to call/text with any questions. See ‘ya and take care. JJ 720-203-6354.