Scary Paranormal and You

Join us at the Denver Mart for the Celebration Fair! At this Talk hear more about the words ‘paranormal’ and ‘supernatural’ and what they mean to us. Consider that paranormal-supernatural phenomena are expressions of our very human consciousness. And yet it scares us. Unknowingly we miss the fact that our human consciousness naturally senses these phenomena. This is our nature and it is normal. Hear real stories of paranormal phenomena such as Near Death Experiences (NDE), ET abductions, Afterlife contacts, Astral projectors, and much more. Learn of your spiritual heritage. Discover and awaken yourself first. Awakening breaks many rules. Join us and be with people like you who want to know more. Learn, discover, and awaken yourself first. Awakening breaks many rules.

And Mr. Ian Mattinson said it best via his comment on our YouTube channel:
“We Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) have brought back our experiences to share love from beyond this dimension and witness how our experience is affecting this dimension with healing. Further, I chose to come back to witness the great awakening of mankind, the evolution of awareness, love, and light.”

Paranormal Talks is at the Celebration Fair for all three days; Fri. Mar. 15 to Sun. Mar. 17. Stop by and visit us. Be with others who make this area of the paranormal-supernatural great