A Case for ET Contact

..awaken yourself first.

This breaks many rules. Gain a better understanding of what evidence exists to support the belief that ETs have been and still are contacting and regularly interacting with people on this planet. Katie will talk about what she has uncovered about ET Contact on Earth. Ms. Griboski is currently writing a book using more than 30 years of notes recorded by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, of the University of Wyoming.

Speaker, Katie Griboski, STAR Team Investigator MUFON Member

Mrs. Griboski is the mother of five, has worked with both ILC/BD children in the Cherry Creek school district, holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications and owned her on graphic design studio “Design Junkie”. But, in 2012, she started on a journey to unlock the mysteries of her past. This reconnected her with the abilities she so desperately tried to shut down.

As a result, she is now the organizer of Colorado’s UFO Connections group. Katie is an Investigator, researcher, and soon to be author, and as such, explores and discusses many topics that are on the fringes of Ufology, including topics such as; Ancient Alien Theory, Psychic Abilities, Secret Societies, Spiritual Enlightenment, the Paranormal, and more. Further, Katie is a Colorado and International Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) member, STAR Team/SAT Team/CAG Team Investigator, an archiver/redactor for the new MUFON MARRS system and is the Team leader for MUFON’S New (SOMA) Team: Space Objects Moon, Mars Anomalies, as well as Guest speaker coordinator for Colorado Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). For more information contact Ms. Griboski at– katiegriboski@msn.com k.griboski@comufon.org