A Visit to Heaven & Back

…awaken yourself first.

This breaks many rules. Hear from a previously dead person what it is like to be in Heaven, what it feels like, what is looks like, what you can expect when it’s your turn, what you learn from going there, and hear why God really does exist and what’s expected from us while we’re still in this life now.

Ms. Noeske tells us about entering Heaven, who she met, what she was told  and why she had to come back to this life and body. Noeske will start by explaining her death the explain step-by-step what happened while she was in ‘Heaven’.

Ms. Noeske had her second child at age 20  and passed away for a short time during the birth of her son. She ended up dying and going to Heaven. She didn’t want to leave Heaven even with a new born infant son awaiting her. This changed her life because she saw what’s in Heaven for us. She saw and understood what awaits us there when it really is our turn to go. She saw things that don’t exist here in our world as we know it here. She ended up depressed for a long while because she wanted to go there, to Heaven, so badly and leave her infant son. Learn her discovery about living life anew and how precious her son and all of her children are to her now.

A near death experience (NDE), out-of-body, or other Spiritual Transformative Experience (STE) trauma, results in a profound spiritual event experienced by a person close to death or, if not near death, in a situation of physical or emotional crisis. As for many NDE’ers in returning from their death, they can possess abilities to heal others, possess new electrical sensitivity, synesthesia (multiple sensing), and may look physically younger (before and after photos can differ). Because this event includes transcendental and mystical elements, an STE is a powerful event on a persons consciousness. The results of the event significantly alter and forever change a persons life path.

Speaker, Ms. Susan Noeske, A Visitor to Heaven

Prior to this life transforming event, Ms. Noeske worked as a court clerk for 25 years at various courthouses. For her, it was so frustrating to see how ridiculous our legal system really is. She got sick of it. It’s not as honest a system as we are led to believe and Ms. Noeske got disgusted with it. Further, Noeske feels we do need some sort of system in place but the one we have now isn’t as good as we really need it to be. Today Ms. Noeske works with the elderly who have Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. It is something so important to her. And as it is with so many NDE death experiencers, it allows her to pass on her insights to those who need it the most at this time of their lives. Learn more at poochiboop@aol.com