Advanced CE-5 Initiative: Bonded Intent

..awaken yourself first.

The exciting 2018 Paranormal Supernatural Conference supports answering the question, what does it take to awaken yourself? This breaks many rules.  Become fully awake to the true reality of your existence relative to the Universe. Mr. Butterfass seeks to help wake-up the people of Earth to Truth about the Earth and the people on it, about the Universe and the people in it. Hear and see new suppressed technologies available that can help revitalize and sustain the Earth and her children, for a better life for all of us. Mr. Butterfass shares his knowledge of the redesign, of a new architectural blue print, for a planetary wide social structure based on an advanced cultural and technological foundation. Thus enriching the standard of living for all peoples of the world. Mr. Butterfass feels it is his duty to give to the new Guards this truth and knowledge for their future security and independence.

See many intriguing other dimensional beings photos and hear these items discussed:

— There is strong evidence for the existence of ETI, civilizations and spacecraft.
— ETI/ETS have been and are currently visiting the Earth.
— Careful bilateral communications between ETI and humans is of continuing importance and will increase in the future.
— CSETI approaches the study of ETI with cooperative, peaceful, nonharmful intentions and procedures.
— The establishment of a lasting world peace is essential to the full development of the ETI-Human relationship.
— Both humans and ETI, as conscious, intelligent beings, are essentially more alike than dissimilar; CSETI is dedicated to the study of both our shared and unique characteristics.

Speaker, Mr. Ricky Butterfass, Senior CSETI Member and Disclosure Project Representative

Mr. Butterfass has joined with Dr. Steven M. Greer, as a fellow ambassador and field researcher at the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Mr. Butterfass is a staff member with the Disclosure Project, and is an advisor and project manager with Space Energy Access Systems Power Company, Inc.

Further, he is an associate producer and cast member of the Sirius Documentary movie.