Can You Poison Yourself with Energy Medicine?

…awaken yourself first.

This breaks many rules. Hear amazing healer Dr. Gail Lynn. Dr. Lynn is a consummate healer who applies the safe, tested, and mature technology of vibration, sound, and light waves to your cells consciousness to enable your body to rebalance and reset itself to health. Learn how you can stay healthy and safe with healing modalities and moreover, protect yourself from harm. Discover the little known side effects and dangers of Energy Medicine when delivered to you improperly or when used too frequently.

Dr. Lynn gives you a good long look at:

— Energy, and that historicially, medicine has been and is about moving energy
— How and why music works as medicine
— Research findings from Dr. Norm Shealy, MD, an expert in the energy-frequency field
— Depletion of nutrients from drugs and how to combat the depletion
— When healing does not work does not mean doing more is better
— When cells hold your trauma story, resulting in illness.

Speaker, Dr. Gail Lynn, founder, owner of the Life Center

Dr. Lynn has 20 years of experience working as a professional engineer in corporate America, solving problems for companies in the Telecom, Automotive, and, Hollywood domains. Then in 1997 Dr. Lynn began the study of alternative healing. She exclaims that founding and managing the Life Center is the single most rewarding career she has had, and had never experienced anything comparable while working in corporate America. Dr. Lynn utilizes her corporate skills of problem solving, along with a team of doctors and healers, to solve clients health problems. Life Center serves clients from 48 states and nine countries around the world. Clients gladly travel to Colorado to engage in healing sessions.