Conversations with Our Guides and Angels

..awaken yourself first.

This breaks many rules. Hear spiritually based hypnotherapist James Schwartz of The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center who takes you to visit and experience your different planes of existence and helps you communicate directly with your guides and angels. The communications are your chance to ask and get the real answers as to why you have the life you have. Learn what our guides and ourgngels are telling us about many of those mysterious questions such as; why we are here, what happens when we die, is there such a thing as karma, and, what is the truth about parallel planes.

Moreover, you get to:

— Hear real-life in-depth discussion of the actual communications with guides, angels, and spirits, about the mysteries of life.

— Experience a meditation created specifically for healing and raising the consciousness of the planet.

Speaker, James Schwartz of The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center

James Schwartz studied and researched for two years gathering information about life, death, the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, healing and why we exist on this planet from clients who were communicating directly with their other dimensional guides.  The insights gained from that work became the basis for Mr. Schwartz’s groundbreaking book, One Voice, Sacred Wisdom.  James shares the incredible wisdom revealed during those sessions.

James Schwartz is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner.  He is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and a member of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.  James is the founder and director of the Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center in Lakewood, Colorado, and is certified in Complementary Medical Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming and HypnoBirthing®.  A graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills and San Diego State University, James is a gifted teacher, speaker, writer and musician.