Dance of the Electric Hummingbird: An OBE Story

Wandering into a bar in Mexico with her husband, Pat Walker is hoping to enjoy a rock concert by a famous singer previously unknown to her–but something frightening and wonderful happens instead. In the midst of the cheering fans and screaming guitars, she is lifted out of her body (OBE) and becomes engulfed in a white light and a feeling of ecstasy. She stumbles upon her soul, and God. Soon after this experience, more strange things begin to happen to her–she starts having psychic revelations, glimpses of past lives, and contact with angels and spirits. Fearing the loss of her sanity, Pat’s search for an explanation leads her to international recording star Sammy Hagar (former lead singer of Van Halen), who takes it upon himself to help her decipher the meaning of these supernatural experiences. As a result of this experience Ms. Walker became associated with The Monroe Institute (TMI); an OBE training-educational non-profit organization.

Speaker, Patricia Walker, Author, Astral Projector

Patricia Walker is an active member of Northern Colorado Writers, Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and Word-By-Word writer’s group. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an Associate of Arts degree.

She maintains her own website at, as well as composing requested guest posts for several online blogs. She has had several poems published in the following compilations: “Front Range Review” spring 2002, “Front Range Review” spring 2005, “My Griefs to Sing” 2007, and “Walking Grief” 2010.

In addition to interviewing professionals from musicians to Zen masters for her book, she completed more than 10 years in the formal study of philosophy and martial arts, rising to the rank of a deputy black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Patricia has extensive experience as a radio talk show guest and has received great praise for her engaging interviews.  Ms. Walker is associated with The Monroe Institute which is not affiliated with any religion, philosophy, or spiritual practice.