Discover Your Destiny: Why You Are Here Through Astrology

Why are you here? What is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime?

Often times when a person returns from a death (NDE) they have a renewed understanding of their life purpose. But, the rest of us need not die to understand our destiny in this life. This is where astrology is used and has been used for eons. Astrology is an ancient tool and science for our use, which answers these questions and helps to safely guide us, our children, loved ones, and friends, through the vicissitudes of life.

Please join us to learn how astrology can tell you of your purpose via this moderated discussion panel of three professional astrologers.

Panel Speaker, Shirley Self, Professional Astrologer

Shirley Self began her study and practice of practical astrology starting in 1970. The studies began because Ms. Self had studied and practiced psychology but found it lacked accuracy in understanding a person’s psychology make-up. Then a friend, knowledgeable about astrology, suggested she cast and interpret Ms. Self’s birth chart. Ms. Self was shocked by the astrology reading received from here friend. Ms. Self felt the reading had seen right through her clothes and laid bare all of her psychological elements. No one had been able to see these things about Ms. Self until now. Therefore, Ms. Self dropped psychology and took up the study and practice of astrology.

Next, to further apply more esoteric discipline to her astrology, in 2001 Ms. Self began studying Yates William Butler. Yates, a mystic and a founder-leader of the Golden Dawn wrote the seminal book Vision. This book described and explained to Ms. Self, as never before, the astrological approach of peoples Moon Phases; a telling indicator of a person’s life purpose. Today Ms. Self uses both astrology and the Moon Phase to decipher what a person is here to do in this life time, what they are here to learn in this lifetime, and how they will probably fulfill their destiny. Please feel free to contact Ms. Self at–

Panel Speaker, Jill Pitts, Professional Astrologer

Jill Pitts is an Astrologer and lifelong student of metaphysics who continually seeks to learn and share her gifts with others. She began her formal study of Astrology in 1993 and has achieved the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Level III Certification. She was the 2009 Recipient of NCGR’s Julian Armistead and Joanna Shannon Scholarship for Astrological Education and Service, and has been a board member, instructor and lecturer of her local Chapter of NCGR since 1998.

A non-denominational ordained minister, she also has a background in science and the arts. This gives her a balanced perspective of the physical and spiritual worlds, and our place in both. She walks freely between the mundane and the ethereal, and breaks down information in consultations so the client can easily understand. Contact Ms. Jill Pitts,

Panel Speaker, Marguerite Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer

Marguerite Hafeman is a National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer. This certification was awarded after more than two years of intensive study within an internationally recognized educational program, consisting of four tiers of rigorous testing. In the intuitive realm Ms. Hafeman continues to absorb technique and insight from many sources including Celtic myth, the Golden Dawn, Kabala, and various global web-savvy mystics. Marguerite Hafeman,

Moderator, Pam Schaffer

For 30 years Pamela Schaffer has studied and applied astrology through the study of astrological text books, and, by blending the energies and aspects of the planets and signs. In addition Ms. Schaffer is a member of the local Denver Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Ms. Schaffer has taught beginning astrology classes at the Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Bookstore. Moreover, Ms. Schaffer practices astrology in her everyday life for herself, her family members, and friends to help them navigate through the ups and downs of life.

Currently, due the passing of her son, Ms. Schaffer is a member and Treasurer of the Pikes Peak Gold Star Mothers Chapter and is also an Auxiliary member of the Post 1 VFW.