I Survived Beyond and Back: Death

Speaker Deirdre Dewitt Maltby mesmerizes us with her death experiences and spellbinding new life.

A death, and ‘resurrection’ changes Maltby’s life forever and gives her many new amazing gifts which help her, and, the rest of us, through our life. Maltby’s gifts of heightened intuition pull from beyond the veil, info and guidance who’s only purpose is to support us and ensure our success as precious beings. Learn more in Maltby’s book, ‘While I Was Out…’ on Amazon.com.

Hear this remarkable and touching NDE transformative story from Deirdre Dewitt Maltby. Maltby shares four separate experiences that altered her heart and soul forever, and in a way, introduced her to the person she had been living with her whole life – herself.  Maltby confides that  “…awakening within ‘another realm’ and outside of my physical body, I was propelled into a spiritual odyssey of new insights on life, the essence we call God, and who I am as a person. I have not so much changed, but become more of who I was meant to be, that I feel we are all meant to be.

Having taken what she learned from her death adventure quite seriously she now is excited to share it with others. Previously, in Jan. of 2011, the Biography Channel aired a portion of Deirdre’s story on premiere of a new series entitled: I Survived Beyond and Back.

Speaker, Deirdre Dewitt Maltby, Business Owner, Death Experiencer

Store owner and artist, Deirdre, her husband Dan and beloved dog Reebok, live in Prescott Arizona. Website: WhileIWasOut.com Facebook pages: While I Was Out Whispers from God…Words for the Soul
For more, contact Deirdre Dewitt Maltby– imaluckiedog@gmail.com