Know There is Much More: Afterlife Contacts

In 2009, the Jackson family was transformed forever when nine-year-old Quinton Stone Jackson, was killed…

in a sudden and tragic accident during the family’s annual vacation. Quinton’s father, Ernie Jackson, shares the shocking events that followed Quinton’s death as Quinton visited them, from the beyond, and left messages for Ernie and his other family members.

In this presentation Ernie Jackson relates a jittery precognition of sorts, experienced by his family leading up to the crash that took Quinton’s life. Mr. Jackson will tell of the transformative effects on all of the family members. Ernie explains how Quinton first made his presence known within a week of his passing. It is at this point Ernie and his wife realize that Quinton still “is”, even though he is not there with them in a flesh body. This epiphany suddenly opens them up to a considerably expanded view of reality, preparing them for Quinton’s visitations with the family.

“Quinton’s Messages” follows Ernie and his family’s journey through their transformations to new realities. As he attempts to find meaning for his life, Ernie scrutinizes his job and the busy work it involves. Ernie realizes that he now has higher aspirations. He seeks direction for his life, and he finds that new direction following his son’s death when he craves direction the most.

A story of loss, grief, and hope, Quinton’s Messages recount how the Jackson family survived the grief and loss of their beloved son to find new joys and a profound enduring love.

Mr. Jackson’s memoir of Quinton’s Messages, published by iUniverse and other publishers, follows his journey to enlightenment as a father – from a childhood marred with violence and fear, into his adult years where he realizes something is missing. Living a seemingly ideal life with his wife and two children, Jackson looks for a sign showing him what he should be doing with the rest of his life up until his family’s last vacation together as a family of four in June of 2009.

As the vacation nears, everything feels different. Something has everyone on edge, looking over their shoulders for what might be pursuing them as they set out for a houseboat on Lake Powell. On their return home following the vacation, the unfathomable happens. Quinton dies in an abrupt accident that is so unusual that the Jackson’s can hardly accept it as reality. Ernie remembers, “…it was as if God was present saying ‘Ernie, you are not in control and it is time for your son to come home’”. It just made no sense that Kristine, Ernies wife, and Ernie himself survived, while Quinton was called home.

Speaker, Mr. Ernie Jackson, Author, Educator, Professional Speaker

After running the family janitorial business and then becoming a commercial property manager (this encompasses thirty years), Ernie knew something was missing. It is at this point their son, Quinton Stone Jackson transitioned and sent him on a new path. Eight years into his journey with grief and discovery, he has published two books; Quinton’s Messages and Quinton’s Legacy- and on the Helping Parents Heal Board of Directors- Mr. Jackson was born in New Jersey. He lives in Arizona with his wife, Kristine, and daughter, Cheyanne. Contact Mr. Jackson at-, 720-438-1038.