Life After Contact with ET Beings

…awaken yourself first.

This breaks many rules. Hear Debbie Solaris, Galactic Historian, an Extraterrestrial (ET) contact-abductee, Akashic Records reader, and brilliant intuitive, use the information channeled from her Arcturian and Pleiadian ET guides to heal you.

Get a first-hand account from a regular 3D human, Ms. Solaris, who had an amazingly positive extraterrestrial (ET) abduction experience, as well as a life and personality transformation which occurs after such an intense out-of-body (OBE) experience. Learn about extraterrestrial contact and culture, and, be exposed to the Akashic Records and how the Records help everyone on their spiritual path. Hear Ms. Solaris deliver mini-starseed readings to attendee’s right after the slideshow presentation!

Speaker, Ms. Debbie Solaris, Galactic Historian, ET Contactee

In June and again in December 2012, Debbie, a military veteran and longtime confirmed UFO skeptic, experienced a couple of very intense out-of-body (OBE) experiences. Contact via OBEs frequently is how ET’s interact with humans due to our lower vibrational frequencies in material bodies. Hence ETs generally find it easier to communicate telepathically with us. During the OBE contact Debbie found herself in the interior of a huge extraterrestrial starship. During these visits, Debbie had contact with, and communicated with, higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings who shared with her the truth about who she really is and why she decided to incarnate onto Earth, as well as the probable future of Earth and the secrets of the Universe. This is actually easy when our consciousness is in a higher frequency. After her ET experiences, Debbie began having many strange experiences, including seeing UFOs and having telepathic communications with them, as well as interdimensional travels, remote viewing sessions, telepathic transmissions with people and animals, and even encounters with higher dimensional ETs right here on 3D Earth!

To say that Debbie’s life changed after having these experiences is an understatement…everything around her became different and her identity entirely shifted to a totally new personality. Debbie started receiving continuous “downloads” of information “from the universe”. The downloads allowed her to remember and channel ancient Galactic historical events and information. Information such as:

  • The different star systems
  • Different races, and,
  • Universal laws and concepts.

She found herself able to access the Akashic Records of almost every person she would encounter, knowing immediately their star system of origin, as well as their past lives on and off the Earth. These kinds of events occurred to frequently that it led to Debbie discovering more about her ancestral connection to the Akashic Records and fine-tuning her abilities to access them.

Today, Debbie is an internationally-acclaimed Akashic Records Reader and Starseed Intuitive. Her work is sought after by clients across the US and Canada and now, world-wide. Her life mission is to humbly help others in discovering who they truly are, as well as assist them with their own soul’s journey while here on Earth, and, beyond this time and space.