Love is Our True Identity: A Soldiers Story

Hear from Death Experiencer Navy Vetern Robert Caplan, MSW. In 1957, Mr. Caplan was serving as a plane captain on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal. Just months before, he had playfully posed for a photograph in the intake engine of an FJ-3 Fury jet. During preflight, he was pulled, head first, into the engine intake of this same FJ-3 Fury jet fight plane revving at full power. Robert died. He received last rites and experienced an extraordinary, acutely aware state of being, separated from his physical body. As a result of his NDE, Mr. Caplan will address his knowing of his/our true identity. You will hear how neither science, medicine, philosophy or religion pragmatically personalizes being in this life. His NDE continues to reveal purpose, meaning and presence 53 years later. He will present four aspects of LOVE relevant to our daily existence. Robert will illustration that…“When I was dead, I saw everything without eyes and knew everything without thought.”

The Death Experiencer returns to their broken, crushed body, in order to complete their Soul Plan and to help the rest of us. They return to us telling us about ourselves, about life, and about our future.

When we die, our consciousness moves into a higher frequency dimension. In effect, we are ghosts, and we hang with other beings, including higher vibration extraterrestrials (ETs). Then, loved ones may come to our side, or, a loving being takes us under their wing. They help our consciousness transition into heaven, or rather, transition further into the higher frequency where we re-connect with the Universal Creative Life Force intelligence, who welcomes us back home, as if we were awesome Rock Stars!

Speaker, Robert Caplan, MSW, Death Experiencer and Volunteer Chaplain

Veteran Robert Caplan, MSW, is a near-death experiencer (NDE). Mr. Caplan studied and trained in secular psychotherapy, pastoral counseling and hospice service and has taught at all levels from kindergarten through college. He was a communications trainer for a national company, working with parents, teachers, clergy, therapists, law enforcement personnel and executives in the United States and Canada. Robert has also owned and managed several businesses. Robert’s mission is sharing his life’s story as an inspirational speaker and seminar leader, presenting programs that enhance personal creativity through social, psychological and spiritual awareness. He offers personal consulting to individuals who seek guidance, understanding and acceptance of NDEs and other life transition challenges, including individual and small group support for returning veterans.

From 1992 to 1996, Robert taught Adult Development in the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Since 2001, he has served as a volunteer chaplain at the Boulder Community Hospital. Robert holds a BS in Science Education and Masters in Social Work, both from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He practiced psychotherapy for ten years before moving to Colorado in 1977. A father, stepfather and grandfather, Robert lives in Boulder, Colorado. To contact Robert email-