Mediumship: Both Sides of Life

Mediumship…the person who bridges two vibrational dimensions; the material and the non-material higher vibration. The vibrational dimension we occupy after leaving our flesh body. So do discover more about this vital ability, which we all have, from speaker Cynthia Rose McCaw, Evidential Medium. Evidential Mediumship is the practice of bringing through identifying information that allows you to feel the connection that is happening with a loved one who is in the other dimension, which we commonly call death.

Like tuning a high frequency radio, Ms. McCaw brings through messages from your loved ones and provides evidence of who they were. Learn what that is all about and what it takes to be a medium between the worlds. Whether it is a mediumship reading or a soul reading, Cynthia is committed to this work and loves it! Please know that your loved ones are always just a thought away and they are okay!

Learn how Cynthia connects to the other side in order to receive and perceive information and interpret that information correctly for others. The medium is the person in the middle of a communication between you and your loved ones. Cynthia moreover feels honored and humbled to do this work. And best of all, Cynthia is grateful to hear about and witness the healing and joy that a reading brings to others.

Speaker, Cynthia Rose McCaw, Evidential Medium

Cynthia Rose McCaw is a second generation medium. There were readers on both sides of her family and her mother was a gifted reader. As a young girl Cynthia Rose was naturally clairaudient, which is the ability to hear spirit ‘speak’. Born a medium, she had regular communication with her grandfather who was in spirit and whom she had never met. What is more, Cynthia brings almost 40 years of education and experience to her mediumship and psychic work. Her abilities include clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance. An Ordained Interfaith Minister (ADL) she performs ceremonies by request. Cynthia Rose has studied mediumship with some of the best mediums including James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell (UK) , Janet Novahec and John Holland. She has also taken workshops with Simon James & Brian Robertson and Mavis Patilla. Evidential Mediumship is said to be a life long study and commitment and Cynthia Rose continues to study the practice of mediumship. “It is an absolute joy and an absolute honor to share my gifts and do this work!” Discover more at– 720-363-7089,