Open Doors, Open Hearts: Afterlife Contacts from Beyond

Hear from our speaker Ms. Vickie Baroch.

Over four years ago, Vickie was engaged to the man she had fallen in love with – Walt Whitney, but Walt suddenly passed on, dying in Vickie’s arms. Theirs is a tragic, yet poignant love story of a deep connection. This connection has surpassed dimensional time and space constraints, because Walt remains by Vickie’s  side and in Vickies life from the other side. Vickie has written about their experiences and is humbled to be able to share her story with you. She has also captured photos that are significant, heart-felt and meaningful since the passing of her beloved fiancé.

Speaker, Vickie Baroch, Afterlife Contactee

Vickie Baroch is a Pacific Northwest transplant. She moved to Colorado eight years ago, to be near family. Ms. Baroch worked as an Administrative Office Manager for organizations in Seattle, having graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington with a Business Management degree and a minor in Communications. Currently Ms. Baroch is writing of the life changes and experiences of her afterlife contacts with her beloved fiance, Walt, in her upcoming afterlife book.