Returning from Heaven the Near Death Experience With Susan & Lori

Hear from our two speaker tag-team of how Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) radically transformed their lives and life direction. Hear and see Susan and Lori of Denver, CO speak of their death(s) and the gifts/abilities they returned with for us. The two speakers describe their death(s) and what they experienced on the other side and the nature of the NDE from an experiential and after-death perspective. Susan and Lori share their own perspectives of their personal NDEs and the gifts-talent blessings they returned with for use by the rest of us.

Speaker, Susan Noeske, Near Death Experiencer

Today Susan is a mother to four wonderful children and a grandmother to two children. Since her transformative NDE Susan’s life changed to that of a caregiver for people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia and other various health problems. She finds this to be a fulfilling life path and is able to share her caring and emotions to help others make the most of their time while still here and lovingly transition beyond the veil. The NDE taught her most of all, that Love is the most important power in this universe and the truth about who she really is. Susan now knows that all of us are in the ‘’Here and Now’ for learning purposes. All of which are specific and unique to each one of us. As a result, Susan strives to pass on her knowings and insights to those who need it the most at this time of their lives. Contact Ms. Noeske at–

Speaker, Lori Niell, Near Death Experiencer

Hear Ms. Niell speak of her multiple deaths and the gifts/abilities she returned with for use by the rest of us. Lori Niell was in the healing profession for 30 years as a nurse, starting in 1983, and has had three near-death experiences. Three times she has had one foot in this world and one foot in the next, with the opportunity to cross over or return to her flesh body. As a result of these life and death experiences, her intuitive capacities have opened widely. She has the gift of knowing what the death experience is, and the gift of clear and direct communication with her Higher Self, as well as the ability to communicate with the Guidance of others.