Spiritually Transformed: the NDE & OBE-ET Contact

Similarities of a Near Death and Astral Projection

Hear both death experiencer Ms. Niell speak and astral projector Dr. C. King tell of their similar Spiritual Tranformative Experiences (STE). Both suddenly left their bodies. Their consciousnesses moved into another dimention and touched the Universe. Hear of Ms. Niell’s multiple deaths and the gifts/abilities she returned with for use by the rest of us. Hear of Dr. Kings sudden and shocking astral projection, how it changed her life, and the gifts/abilities she returned with for use by the rest of us.

Speaker, Lori Niell, Death Experiencers and Psychic

Lori Niell was in the healing profession for 30 years as a nurse, starting in 1983. She has had three near-death experiences. Three times she has had one foot in this world and one foot in the next, with the opportunity to cross over or return to her flesh body. As a result of these life and death experiences, her intuitive capacities have opened widely. She has the gift of knowing what the death experience is, and the gift of clear and direct communication with her Higher Self, as well as the ability to communicate with the Guidance of others. See Lori Niell’s website: www.yoursoulhastheanswers.com.

Speaker, Dr. Chavanna King, Astral Projector and Psychic

Dr. Chavanna King, for more than 25 years, has focused on helping people from all walks of life tap into and expand their personal vision. In a very personal way, Dr.Chavanna tells of her unique experiences during her world travels, and her encounters, that forge a focused and exciting sense of personal power from within, while connecting through good communication and compassion. See Dr. Kings website- www.chavannaking.com.