The Dream Portal to Your Life

Your nightly dreams are clairvoyant and predictive, whether remembered or not, and they are there only to serve you. While asleep your soul is freed from your daily conscious routine, to move inter-dimensionally. Learn about the vast power of your dreams and the healing opportunities of nightmares. From communicating with those who are interdimensional, i.e. passed on, to finding solutions to life’s problems, dreams often hold the key and urge you to take the key. The rich traditions of the Egyptians, Greeks, and of Hippocrates all understood the predictive power of dreams. Carl Jung believed prospective dreams showed us possibilities and future potential. Ann Faraday expounded on Jung, theorizing that dreams can be clairvoyant and precognitive. Edgar Cayce taught dream recall and dream interpretation techniques in order to make the most of this vast reservoir of knowledge you encounter most every night. French psychotherapist Dr. Robert Desoille described a predictive dream, where the dreamer determined the subject, maintained a link to the conscious world, and saw the future of that subject, as a Directed Waking Predictive Dream, (DWPD). Fred will describe the elements of DWPDs, how you can make the most of them, and illustrate the impact they can have on your life.

Speaker, Fred Gellman, MBA, Author, Death Experiencer

Fred Gellman died in his crib, when only a small child, and then he returned to his little cold body. His death remains startling vivid to him to this day. His death changed his life direction, and intuitive abilities, even at that tender age. As Fred grew up, he began studying and reading the tarot at eighteen, offering others enlightenment and guidance. His fascination with legends and the unexplained drives him to find answers through research and investigation. He has experienced stunning psychic-physical healing, contacted those who are inter-dimensional, i.e. dead, and has had predictive dreams.

Mr. Gellman graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Engineering Technology and received his MBA, with honors, from the University of Colorado (CU). Fred is a published author who has used paranormal insights in his writing as shown in his book, ‘Wreck Dive’.

Mr. Gellman is currently writing his second book which explores and recommends how to act on dreams, take ownership of the power of your dreams, and the importance of Lucid Dreaming.