The Naked Truth About Mediumship: Myths and Misconceptions

What is the naked truth about mediumship? What happens to our loved ones after they pass on? Our grief and sadness in missing them causes us so much pain. But here we have mediums, who can bridge the gap between the veils to help us hear from our loved ones.

Mediumship is an age old ability each of us has to a greater and lesser degree, as are many of our innate God given abilities. But some of us have the ability stronger than others. Enter the professional Medium; Jude Starks, Spiritualist, Psychic Medium & Trance Medium.

Speaker, Jude Starks, Evidential & Trance Healing Medium

Ms. Starks is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy, and a Reiki Master Teacher. Jude is an experienced speaker, group facilitator and experienced Talk Radio Show Host hosting shows focused on NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Intuition and spirituality. You can listen to Jude’s podcasts in the (-Tunes podcast library. Her radio shows are “Creating Dynamic Results Now” and “Mastering Your Mindset”.

Feel free to contact Ms. Starks via her Meetup site or through her email;, and Website–