What is the Paranormal?

our human consciousness is greater than the brain

Usually we focus our explorations on the narrow and separated areas of the paranormal OR supernatural phenomena. Unknowingly we miss the fact that our human consciousness spans all of these phenomena. Further, our consciousness penetrates and traverses all of them to give us the whole picture about ourselves and our world. This is our nature.

Traditionally, in Western cultures, paranormal-supernatural phenomena include narrow and separated areas of study, research, and activities that are expressions of our intuitive-psychic abilities. These expressions are named with many different names:

  • Controlled remote viewing (CRV)
  • Remote Viewing
  • PSI
  • Psychic readings
  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual transformative experiences (STE), such as-
    • Out of Body Experience (OBE) Astral projection, and their related psychic experiences
    • Extraterrestrial (ET) abduction-contact, and their related psychic experiences
    • Near Death Experiences (NDE), and their related psychic experiences
  • Angel and spiritual guide contacts
  • Ghostly encounters
  • Afterlife contacts
  • Time manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Precognition
  • and more.

Further, these phenomena have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. In secular terms our paranormal experiences suggest that our human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than what we have believed possible; that these experiences may be quite different from its physical appearance; and that life itself cannot be fully measured by physical, scientific, or mechanistic beliefs and theories. With these phenomena and our discoveries regarding them, we now understand that we, that is, our consciousness, continues to exist, joyously and freely, in other dimensional levels when we are in our bodies. Each phenomenon strives to awaken us from our slumber and into remembering that we are magnificent spiritual beings and that something tremendously loving is always by our side.

Through you and your inquiring mind and heart, we help others awaken to more about themselves. And there is more… here is a 2017comment posted by NDEer Ian Mattinson via our YouTube channel:

“We Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) have brought back our experiences to share love from beyond this dimension and witness how our experience is affecting this dimension with healing. We also bring back energy to change this reality with our light. Further, I chose to come back to witness the great awakening of mankind, the evolution of awareness, love, and light.”

In  effect, awaken. Please join us. Learn and discover and celebrate with the people, like you, who make this area of knowledge exceptional.